BCM325 Pitch – Will some records never be broken?

When tasked to work on a digital artefact that focused on the future I was stumped as I couldn’t continue my previous digital artefact from past classes, a weekly sports roundup podcast.
So I started brainstorming what project I could begin to focus on the future of sports, when I stumbled across the fact that the most points by an NBA player was set 60 years ago.

It amazed me how a record in sport set so long ago hasn’t been touched so I pondered the question of how are athletes and technologies improving rapidly but these records are still unbroken throughout time.

The goal of my project is to hear from a range of fans from these different sports about their opinions on these records and the future prosperity of them being broken; incorporating research as well to lead to a better understanding of why some records are broken every year, and if some may never be touched.

I plan on using TikTok as my methodology.
Recently there has been a rising trend of interview content on TikTok as it’s a quick question/answer, less than a minute video which is perfect for our instant social media brains to enjoy.
In my interviews, I plan on quizzing fans on records and their holders to incorporate an entertaining aspect, then moving on to the meat of the project, having a discussion on why these records are the way they are and their thoughts on the future of the sport.

In terms of the timeline, I came down with tonsilitis at the beginning of week 3 so i had to finalise my project in week 4.

I hope to receive my feedback by class week 5 to begin writing the script for the interviews.

I will then look to go to sporting events around the area for a different sport each week interviewing fans.
To take into account anything else going wrong such as illness, the mid semester break is a leeway stage to possibly conduct another interview if I had missed one; evaluate all of the content I have received based on the comments and opinions of people I have shared it with, seeing if any changes need to be made.

I plan to conduct research into the more technical sides of the arguments also.
Studies such as this will be key to forming my conclusion, assessing things such as the physical performance of athletes in their sports compared to the skill, or how people people’s thoughts 20 years ago on if records set then were breakable.

My target audience are fans of all sport.
I aim to focus on a range of different sports to generate as much information as possible about the topic, as well as garner as much interest as possible. The more people who watch my tiktoks and interact via the comments will give me more ideas and data to analyse.

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